Yes or No to Table Scraps!?

Co-Author: Nicole Lauren

Pet owners are advised not to feed their dogs or cats human food. Based on the fact that it’s “harmful” or not nutritious. When actually most canned and dry food is processed and inorganic.  A pet can still have a processed diet but for their entire life ? Only that ? Would you feed your child a ready made shake for the rest of their life? Exactly! So it’s ok to change it up a bit. If you want your pets to thrive it’s a good idea to occasionally or frequently feed them human food. 


Now, let’s not give Spike doritos or a cupcake. Common sense tells us that if it’s unhealthy for us it most definitely is for them. Try fresh cooked foods like meats such as ground beef or chicken. Even get fancy and let them try some steak! We already know that some fruits like grapes are poisonous so make sure to always double check! 


Avoid giving your pet overly-seasoned foods that may mess with their taste buds and stomach. Pets also like warm food like us, so next time you’re  cooking set aside a plate for your fur baby! Below are some more food suggestions! 


White/ brown rice

Cooked eggs


Peanut Butter

Seedless watermelon








Any meats


While you're treating your babies to human  food try fork feeding them too ! Seems weird to do that right ? Well how awkward is it to throw a bowl of food down and eat out of it? Yes, I know only the craziest of dog parents actually think this is a great idea to try! 

Seriously,  it promotes a gentle way of eating as well as enriching bonding time  between pets and parents. It wouldn’t hurt and would be fun to see how your pets react. With Thanksgiving around the corner it’ll be a perfect time to get ready to hand over some table scraps of turkey and veggies with style! 

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