scratch square - the dog puzzle that also files nails!

100% of Veterinarian Professionals recommend Scratch Square

(Over 150 North American Veterinarian Association (NAVA) members surveyed.)

100% of Veterinarian Professionals recommend Scratch Square. (Over 150 North American Veterinarian Association members surveyed).

Why Scratch Square?

Files your dogs nails!

Exercises the brain!

Lowers anxiety!

Hours of fun!

Reduces cuts and scratches around the home!

4 in 1!


Kick boredom away and let your pet do the destructive biting without worrying about damage.


Your dog will tire focusing on the rattling treats inside.


File your dogs' nails to a smooth and healthy level just by playing.


Ditch the rope for a tugger your dog won't swallow.

The science behind Scratch Square.

Dog nails need to be trimmed every 2-3 weeks, but clipping nails can lead to anxiety, aggressiveness, and even permanent fear in your dog. Neglecting the nails can lead to DJD, arthritis, and overgrowth. (PetMD)

Clipping allows the "quick" to grow out, whereas having them files their own nails caps and receeds the "quick," reducing maintenance.

Scratch Square makes it easy to keep your dog entertained AND sharp nails under control!

A Perfect Size for Your Dog

Scratch Square comes in the perfect size for your dog. Try a small for dogs under 25 pounds. Get a medium for dogs between 25 and 55 pounds. And for the biggest dogs, we make a super-durable large Scratch Square.

Debra created Scratch Square for Trevor in 2018, after he had a horrible experience at the groomer, which resulted in him being deathly afraid of all attempts to trim his nails.

Searching for another method, Debra learned there wasn’t a suitable grooming option for Trevor without medical sedation. Debra discovered that Trevor’s natural instincts would have him claw at an object to open it up.

It took 2 years of design and material testing to come up with the perfect multi-function, stress-free dog puzzle, that also trims nails.

We’re proud to finally share Scratch Square with the world!


    What Kick comes on Scratch Square?

    Scratch Square comes with the "File" abrasion; this is a great starting point for pets that have just had their claws trimmed or for puppies who's "quicks" are not fully developed. 

      How do you replace Kicks on the Scratch Square? 

      De' Vora Kicks are on velcro. The easiest way is to use a pen or butter knife to go in between the hook & loop material. It's industrial strength velcro so it takes a bit to work it off. Learn more here.

        How do the back paws get filed on the Scratch Square for Dogs? 

        Scratch Square was designed to address the front claws; reducing or in some cases eliminating the need for restrictive grooming. The cool thing is, we have found that when the front nails are properly maintained the back nail ware naturally. Similarly to how animals maintain their nails in the wild. 

          How do you prevent your dog from chewing on the square? (I'm worried its going to damage his teeth)

          There are a couple different ways to help with this! 

          Scratch Square is a "tool" disguised as a "toy" so monitoring play and taking it away after play sessions are recommended.

          Your dog will EXPLORE Scratch Squares, however they normally will not continually "Chew" on the sandpaper surface. If this occurs please redirect your pet and/ or take the toy away immediately. 

          To NOT encourage chewing but to encourage Scratching, tossing, and chasing, start off with small treats that fall out easily. You can even mix it up with all different size treats! 

          Let your pet know they are doing a great job when you see or hear the "Scratching sound"! 

          Lastly, feel free to tug with them or stand on the handle to create resistance; as a means of interaction and reinforcement of Scratching. 

          Is this a US product? 

          All De' Vora products are designed in the United States and the products are manufactured around the world. We believe in strengthening our community through safe and fair working conditions. Our products are built with quality that meets our high expectations. Therefore, we take pride in our ability to deliver only the best when it comes to our brand. 

          What other health benefits come from Scratch Square? 

          You can learn all about the health benefits of the Scratch Square for Dogs here.

          What health problems could my dog experience from overgrown or improperly groomed nails cause? 

          You can learn all about the problems of overgrown or poorly groomed nails here.

          What about my cat?!

          Don't worry, we have your feline friend covered. Try out our Scratch Square Feline Flying Fish for a nail groomer your cat will love! 

          After adding the Scratch Square for Dog to your cart, you'll have the option to add one for your cat.

          Customer Reviews

          Based on 100 reviews
          Colleen Costello
          Great Product

          I just recently ordered this for my stubborn 85lb Pittie who is not a fan of having his mails clipped. This product is like a dream come true, he is filing his nails on the scratch pad while working to get his treats out. I highly recommend this product to anyone that has difficulty in trimming their dogs nails on their own.


          We bought this at a pet expo a few months ago and we love it. My corgi is really great at puzzles but it takes her a little bit to get the treat out. When she gets frustrated she scratches it. She’s terrified of getting her nails cut. We can manage to get her back paws while she’s napping but she won’t let us touch her front paws at all. This toy REALLY helps with that, especially with the course pads. My boyfriend was skeptical at first and feared maybe she would get bored but it’s been a while now and it’s still her favorite toy.

          Judy Kinnie
          Moves around

          It’s a great idea but it moves around so much they don’t really get to scratch it. It has not been helpful to me.

          Lily Gin
          Great scratcher toy

          Provides stimulation for my dog plus gets his nails shorter in between taking him in to get them cut so we all enjoy it!

          It did take us both time to figure out which treats he was willing to scratch for but once we did, he’s gotten pretty good at scratching to get them out. It doesn’t come out too easily if you have a fish treat, which works out perfectly.

          Tess Hill
          Very clever product

          My pit mix loves his scratch square, he carries it around, chews, scratches and plays tug of war. Definitely effective to file nails.

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