What's your Pets Style!?

We are in our second week of October and the temperatures are changing! You know what that means…   New season; New fashion for you and your pets! The 19th was the start of Fall so let’s be prepared. Have you thought about your furry friend’s wardrobe yet? Well, have no fear, De’ Vora is here! We have come up with some creative ideas, read on and you will see.

  • Vintage it up! Nothing like bringing back the style from before the 2000’s. Take a look at these cover ups from the 1960’s!
  • Matching outfits are a hit this year. Trust us, you won’t be the only family matching their pet.
  • Homemade graphic shirts have been a hit for months now- best part—you can make any kind of matching shirts.

Whether you match or not, make the beginning of the “year” a creative one. Your pet will love it! And don’t forget to give your hound extra love for Hug A Hound Day. And if you’re a bird parent, they are being celebrated too, take a look at our bird products. It’s temping you may want it all! Click here.

Happy Fall!


Written by Jackie Goldoff

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