Top 10 Gift Ideas for Pets!

Written by: Jacqueline Goldoff

It’s that time of year! Have you started to think about gifts for your four-legged family member? Maybe your best friend has a pet that you want to bring joy and happiness to during the holiday time? De’ Vora is here for you! We have listed the top 10 products to lead you in the right direction when choosing the perfect gift for your pet, along with why we chose these particular products. Ready? Set. Go! 

#10: Cat Toy Kong fishing rod OR Vee Feather Wand

Instead of the boring rod you are used to, we have a more engaging “fishing rod” to entertain your pet. 

#9: Holiday bone

You can pick the naughty or nice bone. If not, you can keep it natural and get him the “I’m not sharing” bone. Perfect for teethers! Click here for non-holiday bones .

#8: Rubber Ball

We have different varieties of balls, seriously we do. Pick the best that fits you and your pet. 

#7: To-Go carriers (comes in multiple sizes)

#6: Car seat cover (comes in multiple colors)  

#5: A new Bowls 

From travel bowls to stainless steel bowls, check out the assortment! 

#4: A new Bed

You know when the bed is right for your pet when they give you the “I LOVE YOU!” eyes. 

#3: Aquapaw

Making bath time so much more fun! There is even a shower adapter. 

#2: MyFamily Collars

Whether your dog has a simple style or a fancy style, our collars are one-of-a-kind! 

#1: Scratch Square OR Scratch Square Feline 

A nail filer so affective your pet neighbors will be jealous. Made specially for dogs and cats.

 We think your pet family members will be super happy when gifted these products. Happy pet, happy pet parent. Feel free to contact us at any time with questions or assistance. 

“We make pet parenting easier” – Scratch Square

“High standard of life”-

Written by: Jacqueline Goldoff

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