The Ripple Effect of a Dream that Continues to Shape my Life!

Labor Day weekend, exactly three years ago, I remember feeling a little empty inside. There was no real reason for it. I was happy. I just received a great job offer and one of my friends moved in with me. We were having a girl’s weekend and a bunch of us got together for a classic Atlantic City beach concert. Even though I was having a blast and had everything to be happy about, something was missing. That Saturday night I went to sleep by saying a prayer. 

When I woke up, all I could think about was the dream I had. I couldn’t help to get this name out of my head. I didn’t know anyone by the name, but it was so vivid. All morning long I was trying to remember all of the dream. Who was this? 

This set the tone for the day and I was on a mission to find out.  I told my roommate I had to run some errands. Honestly, I knew exactly where I needed to go. One problem though, it was Sunday on Labor Day weekend. There was no way this place was going to be open. However, this force of energy was bringing me there. I remember thinking to myself, it’s a process of elimination. 

To my surprise, they were open. I couldn’t believe it! I walked in and was shown straight to the back of the shelter. You could hear all the dogs barking, I felt the dampness of the wet concrete. I looked to my left and saw this quiet dog and thought to myself, you're kind of ugly!  On to the next, this one was a little older, next, just not the right size, next, next, and then puppies! They were so cute, I knew just which one I wanted. But wait, they were all girls and this name that I dreamt of was masculine. I thought to myself, keep looking. Next, too small, next, next, next. Wait! I thought to myself again, what am I doing here? I live in a studio apartment, they probably won’t even allow me to adopt a dog. Let me go get some information. 

I was asked to fill out a form. After doing so, I asked about the puppies! I was so ready to take one of them home, I didn’t even care about the name; they were furry bundles of love. Unfortunately, they were not adoptable for another month. So, I asked the next question, do you have ANY boy dogs?  She laughed and her response was, “We actually only have one, which is so bazar!” Of course, I laughed too! I don’t think she really understood how bazaar this day really was. So, she sent me to the back of the shelter once more and said, “The first dog on the left, his name Audi, would you like to see him?” 

The ugly one?! You’ve  got to be kidding. I responded, “Why not?” Our interaction was okay; I couldn’t help but think that he looked so much like a Gremlin. You remember that 1980’s movie with the black, white, and brown animals, with the big eyes and pointy ears? That is exactly what he looked like except he had kind eyes, so maybe he looked more like the good gremlin Gizmo!  

After about 15 minutes later the lady approaches me, “You’re  all set if you would like to take him home, it will just cost $250.” I was so surprised! I didn’t even realize I was being vetted. My apartment building excepted pets? And then it came to me. I looked down at this 6-month-old pooch and said, “You  must be Trevor”, he turned to me and gave me a big lick across my face. I then turned to the lady and said, “Yes, I will take him!”

Trevor showed signs of high intelligence from the very beginning. He knew to go potty outside, loved going for walks, sat well behaved in the elevator and enjoyed playing games where he was rewarded for his accomplishments. As time passed, he was getting so big and I knew that he wouldn't have enough room to live happily in a studio apartment.

So, after 5 years in the little place I called home it was time to move. And boy did that have its obstacles! People don’t really like to rent to tenants that have animals. Yet, with money and months of looking, we were able to find a nice house with a fenced in yard. 

You would think that everything went smoothly, but I am sure if you’re a dog owner you already know that’s not the case! Dogs are like children and they get into their fair share of mischief!

Although Trevor had a comfort crate, I sometimes worked long hours and didn’t feel right leaving him in it. So I would leave him out and he inherited the name Devil Dog! I know that seems a little harsh, but he had a joy for ripping up feather pillows in the winter of 2016! He loved the snow so much I think it reminded him of it. If that wasn’t enough, he was obsessed with chewing the whole armrest of a couch. We went through a bunch of needles and thread for patchwork and seven couches; Yes, seven couches! Understandably, with all this furniture movement the landlord did not want to renew our lease.  Did I mention how hard it is to rent when you have a dog?! 

So that’s why I bought a house! In the past 10 years I had moved to four different states and traveled to many different countries, but I didn’t want that for Trevor. Trevor would have a house in the suburbs with his own room, a staircase to help with exercise and a back yard where he could sunbath.  My whole life I was nomadic, but Trevor helped me to settle and find a permanent home.  

Sweet right? But he did more than that. Trevor had anxiety when going to the groomers to get his nails clipped. He has black nails, so they are more prone to error. After repeatedly being injured he became traumatized and would not let anyone near his nails.

Well, what  if nails are not clipped regularly? It will lead to arthritis, degenerative joint desire (DJD) and the mis-aliment of bones which causes pain that can lead to aggression. Looking for a remedy, Trevor helped invent a concept that has never existed before; it allows pets to file and trim their own nails as they play. We call it Scratch Square. This invention came at the perfect time! Shortly after we had a prototype, I received a layoff from an executive marking position that had  a noncompete contract attached to it. Meaning I couldn’t work anywhere else for a restricted amount of time. To this regard, Trevors needs created the birth of our company De’ Vora, which will launch via KickStarter at the end of September 2019! 

Through all the research on the causes of arthritis, DJD and mis-aliment joints, I was able to seek relief as well. Turns out, I am half an inch shorter on my left leg which has caused knee and back pain my whole life. If it wasn't for Trevor, I may have never known that. 

I also may not have known how to be a pet parent of two! Although it took some adjustment and sleepless nights, Trevor is a great big brother to our newly adopted 4-month-old puppy, Charlie!  That house that we bought nearly 2 years ago is a home full of energy and love! I think I’ve found what I was missing 3 years ago.

Trevor you're more than a pet to me, you enriched my life. You are my inspiration, my family, and my best friend.

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