Summer Fun!

 With the Fourth of July approaching it’s a good time to get prepared. Not only prepared to celebrate and have a great time but to keep in mind the safety of your pets. If they are going to be joining you at the festivities make sure you keep barbecue food, deserts , trash, firework supplies and anything else harmful away from them. If there are children around it’s best to also let them know the dangers of your pet ingesting anything that might be lying around or dropped. 

Most dogs and cats do not like the sound of fireworks because it’s much like the sound of thunder. Make sure they have somewhere to feel safe and secure. It is also a good idea to have them wear a security vest that helps with anxiety if they are naturally scared of loud noises. In addition, there are some great calming treats on the market that you could also give them.

Here are a list of a few: 

You know your pet best. Have a happy and safe Fourth of July ! Don’t forget to tag us in your holiday photos!

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