Sojo Product Review

When choosing food and treats for our pets it takes plenty of trial and error. Not every pet's digestion system is the same or even taste buds. Much like us humans. 

A raw based food diet is a more healthier option than that of conventional pet diet. Some pet parents stray away from this because of the stereotype that it’s too expensive. Luckily, Sojo brand is an amazing raw food company for cats and dogs. They are committed to making their products affordable as well! 

With your fur babies a top priority, they have a great line of raw food items that won't drain your bank account. Their core beliefs are to bring your pet nutrients from fresh raw foods and make it easy to serve. Most of their foods have all the ingredients needed except water. Once you add water to the freezer dried food you have a nutritious raw meal for your pet.

Sojo treats are also freezer dried with 100% raw meat. Personally all my dogs like to eat are freeze dried snacks. They are gentle on their stomach since they are a tinier breed is my assumption. That is just me learning their preference and what works for them. They especially like the Simply Lamb dried treats. You can find them here: 

From treats to full meals Sojo has a variety of food for your pets! Shop for a great selection of Sojo products. 

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