Small animals (Care info)

When you decided you and your family wanted a pet, you thought, as long as it’s a small animal. Right? Right! The greatest thing about that, other than adding a lovely furry friend to your family, we here at De’Vora sell multiple items for your small animal. Whether it’s a rabbit, guinea pig, ferret or chinchilla- we provided a variety of all types of options. From where they sleep to what they eat. From what they play with and how they play. De’Vora has got you covered—food, shelter, care and toys! Here are our popular items popped into a list and don’t forget to check out all of our 139 items.

First time owner of a small animal? We have a unique all-in-one start up kit! It includes cage, bedding, food and drink dispenser and toys. Click here.

Small animal toy: Ware Atomic Nutt Ball small animal toy

Bedding: SunSeed Shredded Aspen Bedding for small animals and reptiles

Grass: Orchard Grass Hay for all small animals (we even have a hay feeder!)

Nutrition: Oxbow Animal Health Critical Care Anise (multiple sizes)

There are options to chose from when it comes to food. Please click here to narrow your search for your small animal.

Our small animals need all of our love and De’Vora has their best interests at heart! We are here to help so feel free to contact us so we can provide your small furry member of the family with all our love. Always keep in mind, when having a small animal, be sure to clean their cage, re-up their food and water on a daily basis and provide them with stimulation (toys).

Written by: Jackie Goldoff

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