Shelter Overload

Have you heard? Your nearby pet shelter is probably completely full. It seemed like families wanted a pet during COVID. For so many reasons, yes, having a pet fulfills all your every wishes. However, after doing research when talking with numerous pet shelters, one main concern they found with their clients is being responsible pet owners and how challenging it can truly be. Without a doubt your pet is depended on you. Here’s a list on how to be an effective and responsible pet owner.

  • Educate yourself about the type of pet you want
  • Have patience
  • Make time
  • Give love
  • Be responsible financially
  • Provide support physically, cognitively, emotionally and socially
  • Willing to sacrifice your old life for a new life (in the best way!)
  • Schedule your daily life around meeting the needs of your pet


We love all pets, big and small. Being a pet owner is a gigantic responsibility that is 24-7. It most certainly is not a 10-hr job where you clock in and clock out. Before bringing a pet into your life, we recommend you make a list of pros and cons. Discuss this with someone you trust and who knows you. Be sure this is exactly something you can handle. And most importantly remember your needs, too!


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