Paw Balm; Like lotion for humans!

There are a number of pet care products that are beneficial to our fur babies. Paw Balm is one of  them. Why would my pet need such a product? Well, unlike humans, the majority of dogs and cats do not wear shoes. Can you imagine how painful or uncomfortable it would be to walk around our whole lives without shoes ? Pet balms protect our pets' paws  from harsh conditions of their everyday life. Such as walking on hot surfaces in the summer months or cold in the winter months. During these weather conditions, it becomes a matter of necessity to use protective materials for our pet’s paws. 


Paw balm helps to protect the pets paw by creating a form of protective layer over the paw. It acts as  an insulation for them. This protective layer's job is to protect the skin from having direct contact with the surfaces they're stepping on,  shielding it against harm. It simultaneously acts as a protective covering which works to prevent any form of damage that can be caused as a result of contact. It has a variety of uses ranging from paw protection,  strengthening, and healing.

Apart  from helping to protect the skin from damage, the paw balm also helps in soothing and repairing sore, damaged, or cracked paws dues to its special  moisturizing properties.

Paw balm ingredients are actually easy to get. You could purchase or  make your pets’ paw balm at home. The main ingredients used for making paw balms are :

Shea butter, Vitamin E, Coconut oil,Beeswax, Rosemary extract or  Lavender oil.

As we know not all products are made of high quality, so watch out for ones with harmful ingredients. Such as zinc oxide. Zinc oxide can be poisonous to our pets. Pet balms that are made from more natural ingredients are a safer way to keep your lovable pets protected. Pet balm whether store bought or homemade is definitely a great product to have at home. With  many healthy and beneficial results your pet will be sure to thank you.

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