Party Animal

Co-author: Nicole Lauren 

Who doesn’t like a good time ? Toys for pets are like a night out with friends. Add a treat into the mix and it’s just like coffee and desert after a nice dinner. They are stimulated through site, sound, smell and taste. Much like our human senses. When our pets interact with their favorite toys they hone in on their senses and make a connection. This is often how they gravitate towards a favorite!

Our pets love their toys because some help them relieve stressors by biting or chewing. Like when they chew on their Nyla Bone  for hours. Toys also help  them live out their natural instincts, to hunt. Yes, that is why some pets shred their new toys in seconds! Makes sense now when you come home and see your dog's new  Kong toy all over the floor! Scratching is also a natural instinct. At De’Vora  you’ll find Scratch Square, a toy for your pet that entertains and helps with nail  grooming. On a playful note,  they even have a special bond with each of one their toys and will sometimes hide or bury it to keep them safe. How cute! 

They also love toys that they can play tug of war with. It helps build pet parent bonds as well as fulfills more of their natural predatory behavior. Playing with their toys also builds confidence and promotes exercise! 

Now, when it comes to treats, much like desert or a cheat day to us , it simply just smells and tastes good. Imagine fresh baked cookies, I bet that’s exactly what they smell when you wave that treat around. Actually it’s just protein they smell but you catch my drift. Also it’s not an all the time thing so naturally they get excited over it. Some pets enjoy the challenge of getting rewarded with a treat after a trick or task. Like when you treat yourself to a spa day after all that yard work. 

Overall rewarding our fur family with toys and treats makes us feel good as well. Their reaction and devotion to their toys is adorable! Check out some fun and delicious treats at Devora

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