It's that time of year!

Time has come, the holidays are approaching. The trees have gone through their process of foliage. Pumpkin spice drinks coming out of the woodworks and our pets are looking forward to cooler days. It’s time to think about all the holiday celebrations, those in need and how you can help this holiday season, and pets in shelters waiting to be adopted for Remember Me Thursday.

De’ Vora is dedicated to creating a caring, supportive and engaging environment for your pet. We have some new items that does exactly what your pet needs. Whether it’s purchasing more of their favorite treat or a new collar, we are there for you! Check out what we have in store for your pet. Click here.

In honor of finding the items that last, we will pick out our top five products (with great reviews) for your furry friend:

#5: DuraForce Character Dog Toys

#4: Spot Original Laser 2-n-1 Pet Toys

#3: Kong Comfort Jumbo Dog Toy

#2: Jolly Pets Plush N Play Dog Toy

#1: Scratch Square

Perhaps your best friend has a dog and they are in need of these great products- they would be so-ever grateful that you think of their pet! And let’s not forget the dogs waiting to be adopted from shelters. They need our love too. So, if you are thinking about adopting a pet, the answer is GO FOR IT! We insist. 


Written by: Jackie Goldoff 

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