Indoor activities for you & your pets!

We are in our secod week of the month and correct us if we are wrong but your pets have been cooped up inside more than usual? Well, that’s where we come in! Check out our engaging indoor activities ideas for your pet(s). Keeping your pet physically and mentally stable while in the house is very important. And De’Vora wants to provide our love and care in any shape or form for you and your pet. Items suggestions are here for ya.



Laser’s always attract animals- even humans. Check out our cat laser for the most fun indoor playtime.


Fish Find Game

Items needed: 3 solo cups, 1 fish treat

Activity: Line up the cups. Place fish treat under one of the cups.

Mix the cups up and see if your cat can find the treat!


Bubble Time

Items needed: pet-friendly bubble soap and wand

Activity: blow one bubble at a time or multiple and encourage your cat to pop them.


Stair Master

Items: stairs and treats

Activity: encourage your cat to run upstairs to find their favorite treat at the top.



Try our tug toys, no matter how small or large your dog is, we have quite the variety.


Hide-N-Seek the treat

Items needed: your dog’s favorite treat

Activity: Take your dog to an area where he can wait while you hide the treat. Encourage your dog to find the treat.


Search and Sniff

Items needed: cupcake baking pan, tennis balls and treats

Activity: Place treats in cupcake molds but not all molds. Cover each mold with a tennis ball. Encourage your dog to find the treats.


Simon Says

Items needed: you and your dog and treats (if you want to add a reward when they accomplish a certain skill)

Activity: State different actions for your dog to partake in. IE: Simon says “sit”


Any type of training games for dogs are 100% beneficial for both you and your pet. Agility work and scent work are most popular when interacting with your dog. 


Small animals

Ever you thought a vine can be interactive and fun for your four-legged friend? This vine toy is exactly what he needs!


Make a Maze  

Items needed: cardboard box, cardboard pieces and scissors and favorite treat

Activity: Create maze using box and pieces with scissors (to create inserts for the cardboard pieces). Place favorite treat at the end of the maze.


Ball of Fun

Items needed: any type of ball and treats        

Activity: Fetch the ball with your animal or play “catch”. Reward with a treat when he gives the ball back to you.


Whether it’s a calming game or a high engaging activity, the more you interact with your pet, your inside time won’t be as slow. And remember, happy pet, happy parent.


Share with us what you do with your pet while cooped inside all day.  

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