How to live with pet allergies and still be a pet parent

Having an allergy to pets, let’s face it, it sucks! Especially when it prevents you from having one. You’re not alone; millions of people suffer from pet allergies all over the world. For those people who brave the wild and still become pet owners, it can sometimes be difficult and frustrating. How can our fur family cause such an uncomfortable feeling? Sneezing, itchy watery eyes , sometimes rashes or throat swelling are just some symptoms one can have. 

Did you know that it’s not actually the pet's hair?  It's proteins found in a pet's dander/hair, skin flakes, saliva or urine that can cause the allergic reaction or aggravate asthma symptoms! Sometimes pet hair or fur can collect pollen and mold spores from outside that can trigger a person's seasonal allergies as well.

Luckily, if your allergies aren’t life threatening there’s a bunch of ways to reduce and manage your symptoms! 

The first option is to choose a pet that is better for people with allergies. Examples can be a gecko, mini pig, Afghan Hound, Siberian Cat, frogs , fish , turtles , or any hypoallergenic dog or cat breed.

(Hypoallergenic animals are less likely to trigger allergic reactions) 

Now,  if you have your heart set on a pet that is not allergy friendly,  you can always manage and treat your symptoms accordingly. Such as using over the counter allergy meds, get a prescription from your doctor, or even get allergy shots to maintain your reactions. 

Vacuuming and cleaning frequently can also help manage allergies. Using hepa filters throughout your house and avoiding your pet from being in your bedroom can definitely make a difference. By following these suggestions you and your pet can live a happy and comfortable life! With just a few lifestyle adjustments and some precautions, there’s no reason why people with pet allergies can’t live a pet filled life! 

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