Here’s Your Guide to Choosing the Right Toy for Your Pet!

What if your pet’s favorite chew toy is secretly adding toxins to his body?

This is one of the scariest situations for pet owners!

When you get something for your pet to play with, you trust the manufacturer for using nothing but the best for your dog. But, some companies care more about their profits than about your pet’s health!


We know you care for your four-legged friend and would want the best for him, but choosing the best may be a tricky thing to do!

Especially when you are unaware.


That’s what makes this blog a must-read for you. This blog post is going to take you through the various materials that are used in dog toys and which ones are the best for your adorable little pets.

Pet-Friendly Materials for Your Furry Friends’ Toys

Toys and their descriptions can be misleading.

Often those claiming to be pet-friendly in use can still have pretty unfriendly substances that went in the making, thereby making it harmful for your sensitive pets. So, this section of the blog post will dive straight into what materials are best for your pet toys.


When searching for the right material, you would want a safe and durable option.

Here are some pet-friendly materials:

Zogoflexis a sturdy rubber-plastic blend that is durable and non-toxic, a fantastic choice for your pet’s chewy needs

AZO-free dyes are safe and non-toxic, so make sure of what that attractive color is made of

● Soft toys filled with strips of repurposed fabrics or recycled plastic bottlesare durable and safe and will prevent your pets from ingesting and choking. These are also wash-proof so you can stick them in the machine whenever they’re dirty

● Rope Toys made of natural materialslike 100% organic cotton yarn, organic hemp or organic wool would be the best picks which will require little maintenance

Now, let’s take a look at materials that are not safe for your furbaby.

Things You Need to Steer Clear Of!

Coming to the materials that should be avoided at all costs, you’ll get tired counting; there are as many!

However, this section of our blog will help you with that.


When looking out to avoid materials, there’s a straightforward tip to follow; Any material that is soft enough to be shredded to pieces is harmful to your curious pets.

We need to understand that as unattractive as it may be to us, pets don’t care.

If it fits their mouth, it will be down their throat within minutes, and soon you’d be running up and down to find a way to ease that blockage in your pet’s GI tract.


Pets often tend to play with old socks, ragged jeans, or other things they find challenging to chew and shred. If you find them enjoying their time with these, be warned, you’ll soon find parts of your bed getting torn and ingested.


On the other hand, toys made of sturdy materials like wood and metal can be another danger as your pets can easily bleed or hurt themselves.

And, bleeding gums are the last thing you want your dog to have!

Moving on to the ready-made toys you pick off the market, do thorough research before you spend.

Make sure these products don’t contain the following:


● Phthalates


● Lead

● Chromium

● Melamine

● Arsenic

● Bromine

● Formaldehyde

These toxic chemicals can hide in the paint or coloring used and can cause extreme sickness in your pet.

That’s How You Do It!

With the above guide, you’ll be able to shop for the best toys for your pets safely. But, in case you are still confused, you can do either of the following:

● Buy products only that are made of anti-bacterial and anti-microbial hemp or primarily made of natural rubber. These are strong, durable, and toxin-free, so you don’t have to keep worrying each time your pet wants to chew through its toys.

● Your second option is to check the Archived Pet Supply Data to see if your product has been tested for toxins. You can also check the FDA List of withdrawn products that were unsafe, to make sure what you are buying is the right choice.


That’s it. That’s how you can be a super mom/dad to your super pet and keep them safe and happy!

If you have any other suggestions to add to the list, we’ll be glad to read them in the comments section!


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