Healthy Bones

Co-Author:  Nicole Lauren

Joint disease affects dogs just like in humans. Relatively, as dogs age they can start to develop signs and symptoms of joint issues. Usually around age 7 or older. About 90% of dogs will suffer from DJD (degenerative joint disease).

Symptoms to watch out for include but aren’t limited to are  :

  • lameness
  • swelling
  • pain of affected joint(s)
  • fever
  • loss of appetite
  • stiffness

Guess what ? DJD can be prevented! Woooohoooo, because that opener was depressing! With a healthy sustainable diet your dog can have a better chance of avoiding DJD.  Always keep your pups at a healthy weight and make sure to start early in your pets life as possible! Along with healthy grooming practices, like using Scratch Square  which is a safe and beneficial way to stay on top of grooming. As well as plenty of regular exercise! 


Add Lots of love and care on top of that to boost your baby's emotional state as well. Vitamins that target bone and joint health also can help prevent future health issues leading to DJD. Take a peak at high quality supplements from De’Vora  that promote healthy joints. 

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