Do you know how to measure your pet properly!

Co-Author: Nicole Lauren

Measuring your pet for the perfect fit can be tricky. Not all dogs are built the same. Even if a dog is the same height and length it still might not be accurate. Shopping for clothes, muzzles or a harnesses you will need  to pay attention to the girth of your pet. Which is the middle part around their stomach, the neck and chest. Definitely start with measuring their neck then the chest and height. This will help to fit your dogs clothes as well as harnesses comfortably. 


When getting your pets sizes you want to use a soft tape measure this way it will be easier to loop around their body. To measure their neck, simply place the tape measure around their neck where their shoulder blades and chest bone meet.  You also want to use that old school “two finger rule. You place two fingers by where the collar or harness would go to make sure it won’t be too tight or too loose. Same for measuring around their belly. If you’re ever unsure size up rather than down. 

To measure your dog's chest area start with the largest part of the body behind the front legs. Then move on to their height.  Sometimes you might see or hear it referred to as the top line which is their back. Place your tape measurer at the base of the neck at the collar and measure along their spine to the tail.


Now that we’ve covered the clothing and harness measurements you can also measure their snouts if you need a muzzle. You can do this by measuring the space from one inch below the eye to the tip of the snout down to the bridge of the snout. Then you measure around their nose one inch below the eye with their mouth shut and tightly wrap the tape measure around their snout. Whew! That wasn’t easy I bet. 

Shopping for clothes and shoes is way more fun than muzzle shopping! To get your pup the best fitting shoes measure your dog's front paw by having them stand on a piece of paper and press down on the top, again might not be so easy! Yet, this helps measure accurately because it mimics a dogs paw when it spreads open as they walk.  If you can get them to do this , and I have faith you can, mark the sides then measure the distance between the marks. 

This will be the width. You also want to mark the back of the paw and the tips of their nails. 


Once you have recorded their measurements down you are ready to shop for your fur baby! How fun! 

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