Do It Yourself (DIY) Pet Gifts for Valentine's day!

Valentine’s Day is around the corner! Have you thought about what you are gifting your ever-so loved pet? If so, that’s great! If not, no worries—we got you covered. De’Vora put their ideas together and came up with some unique and creative DIY gift ideas for your pet. From special treat jars to framed paw prints, we gave you step by step instructions on how to make the purrfect present. We even shared with you guys our favorite gift idea! No matter what you plan to do for your pet, you are loved, like A LOT! Always remember that. 


Mason Jar filled with treats or goodie bag

Items needed: paper heart shaped cut out (or whichever materials you want to decorate the jar with), glue, your pet’s favorite treats and jar or bag


Step 1: pick jar or bag

Step 2: decorate jar or bag (let dry, if needed)

Step 3: fill jar or bag with treats 

Conversation Heart collar charms

Items needed: print out or hand drawn conversation heart(s), hole puncher, collar, key ring or string and contact paper 


Step 1: print or draw conversation hearts

Step 2: place conversation hearts on contact paper

Step 3: cut conversation hearts

Step 4: use hole puncher to punch a hole

Step 5: put key ring or string into hole

Step 6: add on to collar 

DIY Heart scarf or bandana 

Items needed: felt, bandana, scissors, pet friendly glue 


Step 1: create hearts with felt 

Step 2: glue to large piece of felt or bandana 

Step 3: tie on pet’s neck (lay out material and fold into a triangle) 



Paper Plate Heart Hats

Items needed: paper plates, markers, tape and scissors


Step 1: cut heart shapes out of the paper plate

Step 2: with the 2nd paper plate, cut large circle from the center of the plate 

Step 3: tape hearts on plate 

Step 4: put on pet 

(if needed add a tie to keep it on your pet’s head)

Paw Print framed 

Items needed: pet friendly paint, canvas or cardboard (your desired size), homemade frame 


Step 1:  dip pet’s paw into paint

Step 2: make print on canvas or cardboard

Step 3: let dry

Step 4: add frame 


Valentine Treat Drop Box

Items needed: large cardboard box, red wrapping paper or red paint, scissors and sign “Treat Box, please drop here” 


Step 1: function the box so it is able to go on top of your pet

Step 2: cut opening top part of front of the box

Step 3: paint box or wrap box

Step 3: glue sign on box

Step 4: put over your pet 

Step 5: give your pet treats 

We encourage you to have fun with these ideas! And by all means, substitute materials or tweak our ideas up. We can’t wait to see what you make and give your loveable pet for Valentine’s Day!


Written by: Jackie Goldoff

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