De’Vora is Hiring!

First and foremost, February 20th was a big deal for us. Other than the main goal of getting our product out into the pet world, we collaborated with varies celebrities and Scratch Square’s launch event companies. Missed our event? Here’s what the Press of Atlantic City had to say about us.


Ever thought about becoming a De’Vora affiliate? Yes? Great! At De’Vora we build on kindness, love, and community. Can you say exclusive invites to events?! After our successful Launch Party at the Renault Winery, we thought this blog can be all about getting involved with us and what to expect if you do! Check out how easy it is to start!


To begin the enrollment process, you must submit a complete and accurate Program application. The first step, you will need to do is create an account—click here. After creating an account, you must identify your site in your application and fill out all the necessary information. We will evaluate your application and notify you of its acceptance or rejection. While waiting you can review the Terms & Conditions—click here.


Most importantly here’s what to expect when you become affiliated with us:

Commission, free products and VIP invitations to our events!


De’Vora encourages you to become part of our community. We hope to become a leading brand and distributor of top-quality health and wellness pet products. We strive to develop innovative products and craft new strategies to meet the demands of our clients. Therefore, we are looking forward to becoming the go-to choice for pet people throughout the USA and beyond! ​

Our vision spreads past our quest to serve our clients with quality and functional products in an ever-changing world. We seek to support, provide, and  care for what matters most; the community and all that inhabits. From eco-friendly processes to supporting the professional development of our youth, we dedicate our work to continually understanding pets and their needs. While matching the needs and abilities to support their owners.


Whether you are a local Pet Store owner or have your own Pet Product, there are unlimited reasons why it will be a positive and beneficial step for you and your business. Please contact us with any questions, we are always here to help in any way.

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