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Polly want a cracker? Who remembers that from the gold ol’ T.V show, Popeye? Polly was the bird, a parrot to be exact! Can you remember any other bird characters that are famous? How about Tucan Sam from the oh-so-very fruity pebbles cereal? Better yet, can you guess what this week’s topics is? Birds! Read on and you’ll discover cool bird toys and fun facts about our feathery friends.

De’Vora has 72 products that support your bird’s well-being. From food to toys to cages and sacks, take a look at what we have offer. Need something specific? The search engine is perfect for you to find exactly what you are looking for! Click here.


  1. JW Pet Comfy Perch Bird toy (multiple sizes)
  2. Prevue Pet Prevue Hendryx Snuggle Hut for Birds
  3. Prevue Pet Prevue Hendryx Jumbo Snuggle Sack for Birds

While you’re browsing around, think about these fun bird facts:

Birds have hollow bones which help them fly. All birds have feathers and lay eggs. There are about 10,000 species of birds. Large parrots such as, Marcaws and Amazons, can outlive you. Birds love music!  And believe it or not birds display different body languages when excited or aggravated.

With any kind of pet, we want them to be loved all the time. Our job as owners is to care for them by providing food and shelter (with a mix of toys). De’Vora provides their customers with a variety of foods, cages and toys for all types of birds.

 Written by: Jackie Goldoff

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