5 signs that you are living life as a #DogMom!


Dog Mom (dôɡ mäm) noun:  An informal and affectionate term for a dog lover that identifies as female and believes that her pets are “fur kids”. While some dog owners may never think of their dogs as their children, dog moms are an entirely different breed.

            Do you feel lucky to be a Dog Mom? Great! Then you are just like me.  I love my dog SO much and feel as though she is my child.  This is a hard concept to explain to people who have never had a dog before.  There  was even a study done to prove that looking into dog’s eyes can produce the maternal bonding/happiness hormone oxytocin. 


Here are 5 signs that you are 100% a Dog Mom:

  1. You ask if your pup can come to the party

“Wait, the invitation wasn’t addressed to me & Bailey? Just me? This MUST be a mistake.”  If just the thought of going to an event without your dog bothers you… ding ding ding – you’re a dog mom!

  1. You go mattress shopping with your dog in mind

“Hmm, I prefer a firmer feel, but Bailey would love this soft plush.  Let’s splurge and get the plush! If you spend thousands of dollars on a mattress, but only get to enjoy a little corner because your pup is sprawled out…. You my friend, are a dog mom.

  1. You check in on your dog multiple times a day

I am guilty of checking my home cameras multiple times a day while I’m at work.  With a simple click of an app, I can see Bailey basking in the sun, playing with her toys, or being naughty… shout out to the “Push to talk” feature on my home surveillance cameras! “Bailey, no!”

  1. You sign your dog’s name on cards for others

Okay, why haven’t they invented pet signatures yet? I just wanna stamp her little paw all over the card to let my friends & family know that she cares too!  I usually end up drawing her paw, but it never comes out right.  I feel most Dog Mom’s would agree with me on this one!

  1. Most gifts received are dog related

Do you own a “Dog hair, don’t care” t-shirt? What about a “Life is better with a dog” mug??? I know you do… but don’t worry, I do too!  If almost EVERY gift you receive is somehow related to your furry best friend, then you are the ultimate dog mom!

Reminder: May 9th is Mother’s Day. Dog Moms deserve to be recognized too!

Written by: Anna Waters 

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