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Kicks & Treats Pro Bundle

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2 packs of replaceable Kicks


3 packs of De'Vora Dog Treats

Customer Reviews

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Jeanette Olson
Best Toy Ever!

After this is the 4th time I have bought this product! After purchasing for my two dogs, I have sent this as a gift to our other dog friends around the country. Hands down a hit every time! Guaranteed for at least an hour of fun.

Ariel Hensley
New household favorite!

We recently purchased a Scratch Square for our two dogs, and it's a big hit! They're always thrilled when I start filling it up with treats, but the younger dog plays with it even when it's empty.

My only frustration is that the dogs don't want to share it! If you have multiple dogs, make sure you supervise them during playtime, and keep an eye out for resource guarding behavior! One of our dogs is very submissive, and this is the ONLY toy she's ever refused to give up to her big brother. I'm going to need to get another Scratch Square to make sure his nails stay short, too!