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Kicks & Treats Beginner Bundle

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1 pack of Kicks

1 pack of De'Vora dog treats 

Customer Reviews

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Stacey Green
Kicks and treats bundle

It's a really great item! It does what it says it does, it keeps their nails at a good level-better than I can get them!!! And it's made of a rugged material, I have a power chewer, I don't leave it around my pup unattended, it's so funny watching him interact with it he really gets it!! Love the product!

Carol Keller
She ate it

When I first received the Kicks it worked! So I ordered the Kicks and Treats. She loves the treats! But she figured out how to separate the Kick from the velcro pad and started eating it. Guess a better adhesive should be used.

Whitney Yates
My dog didn’t want to play with it

I tried everything and I couldn’t get my dog to play with this. She could smell the treat but she wouldn’t touch the scratch pad.