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Kicks & Treats Beginner Bundle

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1 pack of Kicks

1 pack of De'Vora dog treats 

Customer Reviews

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Sean Himes

Bought it for my littlest dog about 7 pounds going to prolly buy the next size up soon it works but she can move it around to much for it to be effective she is a spaz and when she flips it she gets frustrated and either leaves it alone or packs it off

Jessica Murphy
Best invention ever!!!

Helped are new puppy from having sharp nails, Along with getting a head start to shorter quicks.

Stacey Green
Kicks and treats bundle

It's a really great item! It does what it says it does, it keeps their nails at a good level-better than I can get them!!! And it's made of a rugged material, I have a power chewer, I don't leave it around my pup unattended, it's so funny watching him interact with it he really gets it!! Love the product!

Carol Keller
She ate it

When I first received the Kicks it worked! So I ordered the Kicks and Treats. She loves the treats! But she figured out how to separate the Kick from the velcro pad and started eating it. Guess a better adhesive should be used.

Whitney Yates
My dog didn’t want to play with it

I tried everything and I couldn’t get my dog to play with this. She could smell the treat but she wouldn’t touch the scratch pad.