What its like to attend our event

Attending our events is always so fun! There is so much to see and do, so why not make a day of it. Whether its a hot air ballon festival, beer fest, street fair, home show or pet expo we always look froward to being an active part of the community. You see us on the website a full list of fun things to go around the county, why not meet us in person? Why not see what all the “talk” is when you hear about Scratch Square? We post upcoming community events under the "About" link on our website, this way you can plan ahead of time when putting a trip or a day out. The best part is, most of the events we are part of encourage you to bring your pet!

While at the event, there is always live entertainment, things to do and great food to try, plus, you can personally see the actual Scratch Square itself and other products from De’Vora. Your pet can test our Scratch Square. You can ask any questions on the spot! And meet the brains behind it all.

Written by Jackie Goldoff


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