Scratch Square Feline Play and File Cat's Nails!

Stimulates Play!



Step 1: Insert your kitty's favorite treat into Scratch Square Feline! Step 2: Engage your cat with the toy-you can even attach it to a cat post. Step 3: Your kitty will swat, paw, and scratch 'till their heart's content! Step 4: That catnip noise and feather are irresistible. Step 5: Your kitty's nails will be trimmed & filed smooth in minutes! Step 6: Your kitty will be happy and give you lots of love!


  • Grooming toy that trims & files your cat's nails as they play.

  • Grooming with Scratch Square Feline promotes healthy joints and decreases the odds of permanent illness.

  • Saves time and money by having your cat groom themselves.

  • Grooming becomes a fun activity for cats, and is stress-free for parents. 


Pet-safe Materials


Supports Cognitive Development

Entices Play

Increases Exercise

Durable & Lightweight

We designed this product with health and safety as our top priority. Our products are multi-purposed with the goal of strengthening the pet and pet-parent bond, while also enriching pet-wellness during all life stages...

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