Special Edition: Dog training education!

De’Vora’s dedication to pets, especially their wellbeing, to the point that we have evolved into a nation-wide known pet company with a strong reputation for its pet support. We gathered info, guidance and a relief to your future dog training success experience. Read our 28 tips on dog training, dog training education and training the dog.  Woof woof! Good luck!)

Encouraging 3 main ways to train your dog: Treats, praise and affection.

 7 dog training commands: sit, stay, down, heel, come, no and off.

 Top 5 dog training items:

 5 Facts about becoming a dog trainer:

  1. There are 300 hours training with a dog plus a multiple test exam to become certified.
  2. A dog trainer starts with 30K a year.
  3. It takes approximately six months to a year to become certified dog trainer
  4. You need experience, education and a certification
  5. The difference between APDT and CCPDT is The CCPDT offers independence certification to dog training and behavior professionals and is an organization of “certificates”. Certificants have taken and passed one of our examinations, and continue to recertify to retain the credential. APDT (Association of Professional Dog Trainers) is an education-focused organization of “members”. Members are individuals with an interest in the goals of the organization, who pay annual membership dues to participate. Members continue to be part of the organization as long as they continue to pay their annual dues.


Did you know 5 of these helpful tips?

  1. Dog training sessions shouldn’t last more than 15 minutes
  2. 7-8 weeks is the best time to start to train a puppy
  3. Average rate for a dog trainer is $30.00 per hour
  4. It takes a dog to learn a trick up to four weeks
  5. High pitch yelps create what the dog knows he can or can’t do something


3 methods on dog training: traditional dominance method, scientific method and positive reinforcement.


Written by Jackie Goldoff


            There is nothing easy about dog training. There is nothing easy about finding a dog trainer. Your family should choose what fits best for your pet. Always keep in mind your pets age and type of dog.  And no matter what, your pet loves you and loves your love.

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