Join the De’ Vora team

Do you love pets? Do you love dogs? Do you love marketing? Do you love marketing about dogs? Or want to be involved with a highly sought out pet company who invented Scratch Square? Well, you came to the right place! Here at De’ Vora we provide plenty of opportunities for you to join our team. We encourage interns, volunteers and professional workers year- round! We have various positions and flexibility for you to pick which position best fits you.

So far, De’ Vora has a team of what it takes to keep a busy company running. We are a fast- growing company and without a doubt we are always looking to expand. And likely, to move on up in positions.


Positions we always will need:

  • B2C Sales Staff
  • B2B Sales Staff
  • Media manager
  • Assistant
  • Blogger
  • Human Resources
  • Customer Service


Feel free to browse everything we have to offer on our website. You will see we have many domains of caring for animals. Whether you are interested in the business aspect of De’ Vora or social media, we are happy to answer any questions.

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