Scratch Square

Emery board for pets, nail clipper Made in USA

Spark That Ignites Pet Engagement and Safe Grooming

Scratch Square health and wellness toys are a top-of-the-line multipurpose product crafted for proper pet engagement and topnotch grooming. Scratch Square is a product of De’ Vora; a brand with a strong passion for pets and pet people.
Scratch Square serves as an emery board for pets, igniting their curiosity and activeness. It will file your pet’s nails and save you the stress of nail clipping – an activity stressful for you and your pet. Simply put a treat inside and let your pet scramble for it. The graded surface of the toy will gently and automatically file their nails without inflicting any pain on your pet.


Start Your Day Right

A quick play session each morning can do more for your pet than you realize! 

 Benefits of Scratch Square, Child safe, pet safe, house safe

Scratch Square

Chewer / Bouncer

Kick boredom away and let your pet do the destructive biting without worries on your side.

Tugger/ Rattler

Let your pet interact with his toy for so long by keeping him focused on conquering the sound. 

Scratch Pads

Automatically files your pets’ nails to a smooth and healthy level during
interactive play.



Scratch Square Feline​

Catnip Stuffing 

Get your pets attention by making them Happy! 

Scratch Pads

Automatically files your pets’ nails to a smooth and healthy level during
interactive play.


Give your pet something irresistible to chase after!



Why Scratch Square?

  • Frequency- Pet nails need to be trimmed often: According to PetMd, Cats nails should be trimmed every 10-14 day and Dogs nails should be trimmed at least every 2 to 3 weeks. With Scratch Square, that is super easy to keep under control! 
  • Comfort- For both pets and their owners, clipping their nails can be uncomfortable. With Scratch Square, that worry no longer occurs!
  • Long term benefits- Reduces the chance of DJD, arthritis and overgrowth of the quick! Heath & wellness your pet need to thrive!
  • Anxiety & Aggressiveness- Pets can become uncomfortable after a nails trimmed injury. With Scratch Square they love accomplishing the same goal as nail trimming while playing too! 


Designed in the USA

All De' Vora products are designed in the United States. We believe in strengthening our community through safe and fair working conditions. Our products are built with quality that meets our high expectations. Therefore, we take pride in our ability to deliver only the best when it comes to our brand. 

Proud Members of the American Pet Product Association (APPA) 2021. 


What Kick comes on Scratch Square?

  • Scratch Square comes with the "File" abrasion; this is a great starting point for pets that have just had their claws trimmed or for puppies who's "quicks" are not fully developed. 

How do you prevent your dog from chewing on the square? (I'm worried its going to damage his teeth): 

  • There are a couple different ways to help with this! 
    • Scratch Square is a "tool" disguised as a "toy" so monitoring play and taking it away after play sessions are recommended.
    • Your dog will EXPLORE Scratch Squares, however they normally will not continually "Chew" on the sandpaper surface. If this occurs please redirect your pet and/ or take the toy away immediately. 
    • To NOT encourage chewing but to encourage Scratching, tossing, and chasing, start off with small treats that fall out easily. You can even mix it up with all different size treats! 
    • Let your pet know they are doing a great job when you see or hear the "Scratching sound"! 
    • Lastly, feel free to tug with them or stand on the handle to create resistance; as a means of interaction and reinforcement of Scratching. 
    Scratch Square was created to strengthen the bond between pets and pet people! I hope this information helps. And please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns.