Your Pet’s Dental Care

It’s getting close to the end of spring already?! What?! Just curious… where did it go? Time flies when you’re having fun! Being that Pet Dental health is a hot topic, let’s talk about our pet’s dental hygiene. Read about Do’s and Don’ts of taking care of your pet’s choppers. And check out what we have here at De’ Vora to help support your pet’s dental care.

DO’s & Don’ts

Do take your pet to their annual check-ups!

Do monitor discolored gums especially when given new foods.

Do brush their teeth on a weekly basis.


Don’t use artificial products or uncertified products for your pet’s mouth.

Don’t give your pet any human dental products. Ever.

Don’t ignore signs of anything out of the ordinary about your pet’s mouth.


Dental Care Items

Dogs and Cats:

Zymox Oratene Brushless Oral Care Water Addictive for Cats & Dogs (4 oz)


Dog: Whimzees Gluten Free Toothbrush Dental Chews for Dogs (multiple sizes)


Cat: Emerald Pet Grain Free Flavored Feline Dental Treats for Cats (multiple flavors)


Small animals: Vitakraft Drops Treats for Small Animals (multiple flavors)


Just like us, taking care of the oral maintenance of your pet’s body is crucial. If we have a sore tooth and we don’t take care of it, that tooth ache becomes a headache, so and so forth. And we most certainly don’t want to see any of our pets suffer! So, keep up the great work caring for your pets and take a check at your pet’s teeth. How do they look to you?

 Written by Jackie Goldoff

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