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De’Vora turned two this past week. Happy Birthday De’Vora! What a journey it has been the last 730 days. Like any company, we love hearing from our loyal customers. And our top priority is providing the best quality of products to support your pet emotionally, socially and physically. But before we go into what customers have to say, let’s read what the CEO and Founder, Debra Lofranco expressed during our interview with her about how De’Vora came about.

We took four top questions from the interview, read on to see what Debra had to say about her new and aspiring pet company!

What encouraged you to start this company?

Debra has been a Volunteer for the Red Cross for the past six years which led her to where she is today. Debra explained, “I always wanted to create my own non-profit. The experience with their organization provides not only a strong value but practical hands-on experiences that have aided me to become a better person and reaching my full potential. Personally, I have always been very fond of education and applied experience. Long and behold, De'Vora was created to do just that! The very principle of De' Vora is Kindness, Love and Community, where I believe we can have our youth grow interpersonal skills through the care and love for animals”. 


What made you invent Scratch Square?

Scratch Square was created to not only save people money but to solve a problem. Let face it, pets do not like to get their nails clipped or grinded. Clipping actually allows the quick to grow out, making the need for maintenance more frequent and can cause the dog pain, not only when walking but if an accident occurs. This leads to distrust, anxiety and long-term health issues for the animal. However, we found it does not have to! Pets can trim and file their own nails while having fun doing it. The toy really taps into their natural instincts and provides them self-fulfillment like no other product on the market... So, why did I invest in Scratch Square? Because it works; the overall health benefits have proven to be life changing. 


Where does the name De’Vora originate from?

De' means "from", Vora: "the ones that eat" routing from the word carnivora! Our logo is a heat so all together De’Vora is love for the ones that eat! Pets, like dogs and cats, are more similar to humans than we may realize. De’Vora also means a person of beauty, wit, superior intelligence and a kind heart. De’Voras possess incredible outer beauty that stands the test of time. They are loyal, stand up for what they believe in and are wonderful friends and parents. Exactly what a foundation should be based on.  


What are your goals for De’Vora?

De’Vora goals help us reach out to the pet community while supporting all kinds of pets in every way. Our goals are to become a familiar name in the pet industry where others can look up to us, pursue a B corporation status, once fully established. And most important, our goal is to continue to provide support to our pets and their parents.


Now onto YOU, our amazing customers! After the interview we discussed what YOU had to say thus far about our products.

One major part of our company is satisfying our pet parents and their furry pets. Whether you have a dog, cat or a feathered pet or a four-legged rodent, we have a variety of products. This also pertains to reptiles, too! Take a look at what our customers have been raving about (out of almost 80 reviews, here are the top three always mentioned):

#1: Fast shipping

#2: High quality items/ hard-to-find products   

#3: Reasonable pricing

Of course, with any business, there is always room to grow. We value what our customers have to say and strive to become bigger and better. DeVora’s mission is to nurture and inspire pets while supporting pet people. We strive to provide pet people with innovative, top quality, multifunctional, heath & wellness products that support and enrich the bond between pet enthusiasts and their parents. Our products eco-friendly, too.

We are here for you and your pet (s)! Our customer service is ready to hear from you.  Feel free to contact us at any time. Need help finding the perfect product to suit your pet OR made a mistake with an order— De’Vora is here to help!

Again, Happy 2ndBirthday De’Vora! Congrats on everything you have achieved these past two years. Well wishes for the year ahead.

 Written by Jackie Goldoff

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