What are your pets' New Year’s Resolution?

As the year is coming to an end, most of us are looking forward to having a fresh start in the new year. Our pets need a fresh start too! After all the events in 2020, we need to go into 2021 with a positive mindset. So we wanted to create some ideas for you and your pet to bring into 2021. Take a look! 

It’s never to late to add Probiotics into your pet’s diet.  Pets should be able to switch foods, if they can't, it's an indication that something is wrong. Probiotics can help! Check out our NaturVet Probiotics.  


Learning a new trick is a true New Year’s Resolution. Can you dog get the newspaper from the driveway and bring it to you? Or can your cat catch the mouse hiding in your garage? It’s never too late to start teaching your four-legged family member! 


Adding one more walk to the daily routine is best for your pet AND YOU! W-A-L-K-S are our pet’s absolute favorite. Take more advantage of your parks, hiking trails or open fields. 


Bathing your pet should be part of this too! Bathing increases bonding and saves money. We even have items to aid you during the time you wash your pet in the tub. Check out our AquaPet products. 


Having an interactive play session with Scratch Square. According to your weekly schedule, pick a day and time to be with your pet. This can help reduce and maintain nail growth while providing one-on-one time with your loved pet.  


Planning a day trip with you and your furry best friend. Perhaps research areas that are dog friendly.  


Increasing socialization by making playdates. Your pets need to interact with others just as much as you do. Whether it’s your best friends’ pet or a friendly puppy from the dog park, plan a date! 


Does your cat love heights? How about a DIY cat jungle gym project? The more creative you are, the busy your cat will be. 


Cleaning out your pet clothes. Don’t need four jackets for your pet? Try donating to a local salvation army!! 


Adding an additional pet or owning a pet for the first time—have you considered either? Start the New Year with a new LOVED ANIMAL. Pretty sure, you won’t regret it. 

These are only a few from the list we have come up with! The trick is to think about the things your pet LOVES and get creative with it. Your pet needs self-love and care just like you. Happy pet, happy pet parent. 

Written by: Jacqueline Goldoff

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