We have your favorite pet projects!

Before we go into this week’s topic, have you checked your manual clocks? I’m assuming your phones and electronics changed automatically but the old grandfather clocks will need you to manually change them to an hour ahead. Any way speaking of time change, Spring is almost here! What a long winter we had! Depending where you are located, a lot of us got a lot of snow. Or abrupt weather we are not used to! That’s where we come in! De’ Vora is so excited for this upcoming Spring so we created outdoor space pet projects for your furry family members. And don’t forget, we carry a variety of outdoor needs to prepare for pet friendly outdoor activity time. 

Need some help thinking of where to even start? Take a look at our top outdoor related topics:

  • Time for new grass seed?
  • Need a creative way to make the outdoor space you have, well, creative?
    • Make the space colorful 
    • Use recycled items (pet friendly, of course) IE: old tires 
    • Make an obstacle course or areas focusing on certain activities/skills. IE: grass area and large pea gravel
  • How to use the best of your patio? Odor repellent (avoid having a smelly outdoor space!). Keep water flowing for your pets to have water when needed. Check out our fountains! And always have shelter and shade for your pet. Hot day? Fill a baby pool with ice and your pet will cool off while getting hydrated.  
  • Outdoor pet love being outside? Tick/flea repellent- we recommend this, especially if you have the lovely outside area filled with trees and bushes. 
  • Shampoo and brushes!!! Perfect bonding moment for you and your pet to have outdoors. While grooming your pet, you and him can bond and build that relationship you BOTH need. 
  • Bird seed and bird toys—you can use outdoor bird toys in your bird’s cage while being outside. Maybe invent outdoor toy box and indoor toy box for your bird’s toys. 

Happy Spring to all De’ Vora clients and their families. Want to show off your creative outdoor spaces you made for your pet? Send us pictures!

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