Get Moving! If not for you, then for them.

Author: Nicole Rando

Much like humans, pet health is extremely important. Routine exercise is vital to ensure your pet thrives. It has been recommended that dogs have at least thirty minutes to two hours of physical activity per day. Which can be broken down into a few short walks or done all at once. Ultimately, it depends on your schedule and your pets endurance level! Therefore, it’s totally up to you what works for you and your pets. 

Even if you have a smaller breed that may use puppy pads and rarely need to go outside, it is still beneficial to go on short walks. Walking your little baby for fifteen minute short walks can definitely be an activity to keep them healthy. 

After all,  Fresh air and exercise are key components that make up a healthy lifestyle for you and your pets. Along with a good diet of course! Why not be healthy together? If permitting, playing catch in your backyard is also a great form of exercise. Taking your dog to the beach if allowed, a dog park , or even taking them hiking are some ideas to get moving outdoors. 

Active dogs are healthy dogs no matter size or breed!  Make sure to give your pet the commitment that helps them live a better life. When you have a consistent routine that is healthy for them, they are guaranteed to be happier, better behaved, and most importantly they will live their best life. Being a pet parent is more than love and companionship to them it is dedication! 

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