Vaccination Awareness Month

Keeping our pets healthy is just as important as our own health. One very important way to help your beloved pets stay healthy, is to vaccinate them.  Just like with us, vaccines help prepare the body's immune system to fight disease-causing organisms. Vaccinations can also prevent diseases from transferring from animals to humans and vice versa. 

Make sure to keep your pets vaccines upto date. If they aren’t it can cost you more in the long run. Most groomers and pet boarding places require vaccines before you can use their service. That way both humans and animals are protected. 

Some tips for first time pet parents before you vaccinate your pets: 

Always do your research and work with your vet to see what is best for the pet. Vaccines can be costly, you can check with your local pet clinics or even pet stores. Some pet stores have a veterinarian that comes once a month to vaccinate. They are less costly sometimes. Human societies usually offer vaccines as well. 

Either way, it is crucial to protect your pet and avoiding vaccines will do more harm than good. 

After your pet has been vaccinated  keep an eye on them and look for any signs of a reaction. Most commonly,  your pet will be tired and sore in the location of the vaccine.    

Once they are rested, or they maybe won’t even show any side effects,  it’s back to play time! Reward them with a treat or new toy


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