Treat Training: The Why’s and How’s Answered!

Give your furry friend the treat that he deserves!

And only what he deserves.

Nothing more, nothing less.

That’s Treat training summed up for you!


You must have come across the method of treat training while researching ways in which you can introduce some manners and discipline to your furry bundle of joy.

Treat training is one of the most commonly used methods to train pets in a friendly way.

However, before you set on your mission, you need to not only have patience, consistency, and lots of understanding for your pet, but also a guide that can help you achieve your mission.

This blog post will help you with treat training and how it can make your and your pet’s life easier.

Here’s How Treat Training Works

So, what is treat training, anyway?

Treat training is teaching your pet to do the ‘right’ things by rewarding them for their deed.

Technically speaking, it is based on positive reinforcement, which enhances the chances of that behavior being repeated.

For example, your puppy, who regularly pees wherever he wanders, understands your cues and pees outside. You get impressed and offer him his favorite treat, as a reward.

This treat acts as the positive reinforcement that your puppy needs to repeat that behavior, in this case, peeing outside.

Positive reinforcement can also be in the form of letting your puppy play with his favorite toy, play sessions, praise, and affection.

Your furry pal must know that his behavior is appreciated.

In this manner, you can not only fix their behavior but guide their schedules and teach them a variety of ‘good boy’ behaviors!

Why Dogs Love Treat Training

It’s no news that dogs love food!

They love eating so much that they pick on anything that looks interesting to them and have a taste! In fact, my dog once found his leash appealing, and swallowed it whole when I wasn’t around.

Of course, I had to take him to the emergency room, and he learned his lesson.

However, when we offer them tasty food to do something, it appears to them, like..... what easy money seems to us!

Dogs are sensitive to their owners and want to comply with anything that makes you happy. But learning new things is a gradual process and creates stress.

While other forms of training may add to that stress, treat training feels like a rewarding game! In this way, while getting trained, you smartly reducing most of the stress

Interestingly, treat training can also build your dog's IQ.

Making them use their brain to find their treats or using treat dispensing toys of various difficulty levels can make this task cognitively beneficial for your pet!

The Best Part

While the primary benefits of this training is them getting effectively trained and doing whatever you ask them to do, for most pet lovers, another highlighted benefit is how they become fiercely loyal to you.

For them, you give them immense happiness, and they would strive to do all it needs to make you happy!

If you have an adorably silly dog who got disciplined from this training, do share some personal tips and advice with us in the comments!

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