The Longest Lasting Dog Bone on the Market!

That’s if you use it like this! 

Filled bones literally last forever; my dog is 4 years old and we still have the same Redbarn® Peanut Butter & Jelly Filled Duo Bone Dog Treats that I purchased from the human society when I adopted him. Like most toys or bones, he would play with it for a while and then get bored or chew it until it was gone. 

Yet, if you're familiar with these bones then you know they can withstand the toughest chewers. Once the filling is gone tho, the bone just isn’t interesting any more.

So here’s a way to save money and make this bone appealing once more; fill it with peanut butter! It's a healthy treat that is super easy and inexpensive. After all, you probably already have peanut or almond butter in the house. 

I would recommend popping it in the freezer overnight! It reduces the chances of making a mess and will last a while longer. If you need an instant treat to occupy your pet, while you're on that important work zoom meeting, you don't even need to freeze it! 

You're good for at least 20 minutes! 


Hope this helps! 



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