The hot topic of Electric Collars

Training your dog is an essential step that many dog owners take for long term success.  Whether you need to train your dog to stay in the yard or keep him from excessive barking… some may turn to Electric Collars to assist.  Disclaimer: Vets suggest NOT using these collars until your dog understands basic commands like sit and stay. That way, you know that they comprehend what you are asking them to do, and they can draw the association between any negative behavior and the “shock.” 

Pros of the Shock Collar

  1. Adjustable Intensity
  • Most modern shock collars give you the flexibility to warn or even just vibrate the collar. This can be comforting for those on the fence about shocking.
  1. Fast Results
  • Only a few shocks may correct behavior, making the electric collar a very effecting training tool.
  1. You don’t need to be present
  • If your ring door bell is going off because your dog is in the Front Yard, you can send a signal from anywhere to tell your dog that is not allowed!
  1. Affordable
  • Electric collars are definitely cheaper than doggie boot camp

Cons of the Shock Collar

  1. Inflicting pain on your pet

Most pet owners can’t even fathom causing pain to their pup

  1. Causing fear for your dog

Training with fear can be counterintuitive

  1. Over-Correction

Unnecessary shocks may confuse your dog by correcting a problem that wasn’t there

  1. No positive reward

Electric collars do not reinforce good behavior

Whichever way you choose to train your dog, just be sure you are treating them fairly and with respect.  We all understand that training dogs can be quite the task, so here are a few alternatives:

            Companies such as Petco and PetSmart offer dog training classes.  The classes are offered In-Store or Online.  Every Training decision is a health and wellness decision.  This is why we're all about reward-based positive training that not only reinforces good behavior but also strengthens your pet’s total well-being.  Social health, physical health, and mental health are all worked on during these classes.

            De’ Vora offers the Starmark Pro-training Clicker for Dog training to Speed learning up to 50% by marking the precise moment good behavior occurs.  We also offer a variety of training treats that will support your pup’s journey in training by providing positive reinforcement.  Howl’s Kitchen Dog Treats are made from scratch with high quality ingredients and slow baked for maximum flavor and texture. Use as rewards for good behavior or an afternoon snack for your dog. These Canine Cookies use real proteins with limited ingredient options, no corn, wheat or soy.  Another treat we offer are Blue Buffalo® Wilderness™ Trail Treats™ Flavored Grain Free Dog Training Treats, A perfect complement to the Wilderness foods, BLUE Wild Bits treats are packed with more of the real chicken your dog loves. A healthy, nutritious treat that features real meat, these meaty Bits are the perfect way to reward your four-legged friends. Nutritious and grain-free, BLUE Wild Bits contain only the finest natural ingredients and are loaded with healthy ingredients. BLUE Wild Bits contain NO artificial flavors, colors or preservatives so you can reward good behavior with a treat that's made the way nature intended.

            We hope your training journey is a successful one.  We promise to be here along the way for any questions, products, or recommendations you may have.  Feel free to reach out to us!

Written by: Anna Waters 

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