Falling for Fall!

Good-bye Summer, Hello Fall! Is it us or are the summer month’s flying by?! It seemed like yesterday was the first week of the summer. Well, De’ Vora has been busy at  the N.J.  Farmers Markets, fairs and festivals while keeping up with the latest pet news. De’ Vora has plenty ideas and news and events for you this month. Let’s begin with the excitement of preparing for Halloween Fun.

When you think of Halloween, you are thrilled for all the ghost and goblins, pumpkin carving and trick or treating. So here are some fun ways to include your pet!

  • Dress up your furry friend or decorate your pet’s “house” with black and orange. We suggest using bandanas. To us it’s the easiest project.

  • Do something different with your pet IE: introduce new treats or toys. Maybe even take them for a long leisurely walk.
  • De’Vora events- check it out! See where we will be and come meet us. Click here!
  • Being that it is the beginning of a new season, perhaps refresh your pet’s bed. Check out what we have: click here. Nothing like starting a new season with cozy nights of sleep.
  • Homemade dish for your pet- they will love it! Peanut butter is always a fun go-to. Send us pics of what you create.
  • End of the summer, your furry friend cat or dog, may possibly need some nail grooming. Scratch Square for dogs and Scratch Square Feline is our most popular item and super-efficient. Take a look- click here. Or you already have it and need to re-up on the kicks—click here.

Hope to see you at our Fall Festival or two this month! Feel free to contact us at any time with any questions or concerns. 

Written by: Jackie Goldoff


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