Spring Cleaning for Pets!

Us humans tend to “Spring Clean”. They dust, they wipe, the mop, they throw out old stuff- we do it all! After a long winter, we await Spring knowing there’s cleaning and organizing to do. Absolutely there is “Spring Cleaning” for pets! De’ Vora created a checklist just in case you forget anything. Take a look!

Here is a check list of “spring cleaning” for your pet:

  • Up-to-date doctor appts (check for expired medications, too)
  • Fresh hair cut for new season
  • Brushing of the hair is essential for coat maintenance
  • Scratch Square for your pet’s nail filing
  • Check the yard for unwanted trash or dead animals
  • Switch toothbrushes
  • Change bedding
  • Keep in contact with your favorite dog walker and make sure they are staying around
  • Look into new parks to take your pet
  • Deodorize couches, carpets, rugs with baking soda
  • Areas you can’t vacuum, use a squeegee
  • Deep clean the toys and items they use to eat from
  • Give your pet’s collar a nice wash with their shampoo
  • Always male time for you and your pet(s), ideally with no interruptions

What do you do for your pet during Spring Cleaning? Let us know so we can add to this list. 

Good luck AND Happy Spring!

Written by Jackie Goldoff 

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