Rawhide: is it good for your pooch?

Co-Author: Nicole Lauren


We all heard of rawhide chews before but really, what is it ? Where does it come from? How is it made? Is it even good for our dogs? 

Well, rawhide is made from the inner layer of skin or hide of an animal, typically a cow. They go through a manufacturing process similar to the hide that is used to make leather! The same leather used for furniture, purses, and belts! Which includes an enormous amount of chemicals! 

So the variety of chemicals makes it unsafe from the start. Wow! Then if that wasn’t it for you, it can also cause intestinal blockages. Scary! Rawhide chews can even break your dog's teeth. 

Before awareness and research rawhide treats did actually come to our shelves with good intentions. It was made to help dogs chew, which is their natural happy place. But with all the damage rawhides can cause it obviously does more harm than good.

There are plenty of rawhide free treats on the positive side! Such as raw bones or tendons. Which the stringy texture can actually help floss your dog's teeth! They are also fully digestible. The Most common tendons are beef, bison, and lamb. 

Feel like raw bones and tendons are too prehistoric?  It’s ok, there are products on the market you can purchase that aren’t so cave- man - like. Smartbone, Billy Sticks, Pork Chomps or Tripe Twist Sticks are some great options. Give your dog the same “happy place” chew treat rawhides where intended for just in a safer and better way! 

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