Pets that Fit your Lifestyle!

Having a dog is much like having a child. They require lots of care. Especially if you have them when they are puppies. They require plenty of quality time to “potty” train and help them grow. They cannot be left home alone for long periods of time. Therefore, a dog might not be for everyone. Your work schedule may not even allow you to think about having a pet, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t feel the love of being a pet parent!

If you have been considering how a pet could fit into your lifestyle here are a couple things you should know. 


      Cats are a great option because they are more self-sufficient. They can use the litter box on their own and don’t need as much attention as a puppy would. Maybe you don’t have adequate space for a pet. There are plenty of smaller pets that could fit your lifestyle and living situation. Such as hamsters, guinea pigs, ferrets, rabbits , or chinchillas. You could even look into reptiles. They are a great idea as well. Having a home aquarium is also something you could consider. There are different species of fish and different tanks to choose from. Such as fresh water vs salt water. Even having pet birds are less maintenance then some other pets. 

It all depends on what’s best for you and your pet of choice.  There’s a pet companion out there for everyone! You just have to decide which animal you will be able to best love and care for. 

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