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Co-Author:  Nicole Lauren 

Nail trimming is one of the essential  parts of dog grooming. Having your pets nails trimmed is a very clear sign of your dogs health and hygiene. Some dogs may be more compliant than others. Not everyone likes a good manicure. Weird right? But yes, most pups don’t like to be restrained while others will sit nicely for you or your vet. 

If you're able to practice clipping nails while your dog is young the chances to help them like it or be more comfortable are higher. The actual task of clipping can be stressful and intimidating for both you and your pet. Not to scare you but if you cut the blood vessel of the nail ( the “quick”) by accident your baby may never trust you again! Ouch!

You want to stay on top of nail grooming to avoid unhealthy nails. Which can cause pain or even trigger irreversible damage to your babe.

Luckily, has a product to safely avoid this from happening. By introducing  your puppy to Scratch Square , you can reduce the length of their “quick” growth. Also safely manicure their nails! 

Trips to the vet for nail clipping can also be time consuming and expensive! The average person spends $170-340 dollars a year just to clip their pets nails! A cat needs their nails clipped every 10-14 days and dogs about every 2-3 weeks!

Scratch Square  can save you time and money! As well as allowing you time to bond with your pets by turning an already stressful part of grooming into a fun time. Scratch Square is designed to file your pets nails while also incorporating active play. Inside is a treat that your pet will be eager to get his or her paws on! Once nail filing is complete you can release the treat! Painless, stressless, and a reward for your pet! Shop today at !

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