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Scratch Square is such a new innovated pet product. We thought this week we would go in depth and find out more about our unique dog nail filer (and feline flier). Tool? Toy? How can you use it to its full potential? Read on for tips, facts and questions with answers about Scratch Square.


Benefits: First and foremost, trimming their nails itself helps prevent arthritis and degenerative joint disease. By using this product, it reduces scratches and cuts on humans, flooring, furniture and clothing. Talk about an interactive toy and tool all-in-one—it stimulates your pets’ mind and senses. And lowers anxiety for both pets and their families. SS is a great positive source of exercise and saves parents time and money!


How to use: You can fill the Scratch Square with treats or food- virtually anything that entices your pet. This product is washable, all you have to do is remove the kicks and wipe and/or rinse.


Tips: For older dogs, we recommend you put small food inside SS so that the items fall out easier. For the younger pooches, you can put bigger food to challenge them more.

Tool tips: Every other day when you are enjoying your morning coffee or tea, use the SS with your dog. 

Toy tips: Make sure you leave the kicks smooth surface on SS, this way it will ensure the pet won’t chew it apart and they will get a nail buffing play session at the same time.

Be patient, encourage, engage and reinforce positive play (the actual scratching part). How often does your pet hear “good boy” for doing something they want to do?


Frequently asked questions:

  1. What about their back claws?
    • Although SS was not intended for back claws, we find that when the front nails are properly maintained the back nails do not need to be trimmed due to the angle of the way the dog walks.
  2. How long does SS last?
    • We recommend you replace your SS every 3 years since rubber naturally deteriorates within 3- 5 years. This will ensure overall safety for your animal while using De’Vora products.
  3. How long do the Kicks last?
    • Multiple packet Kicks can last any where from 6 months to a year depending on your pets’ needs.
  4. Is it dishwasher safe?
    • No, we do not recommend putting int in the dishwasher. Warm water and sponge or baby wipe are your best cleaning options.
  5. How do I know which size to choose?
    • Based on weight small – up to 25 lbs, medium 25-55 lbs and large 55-125 lbs. However, if your dog is an excessive chewer, we recommend you size up.
  6. Will the actual nail filing hurt their paws?
    • No, it will not hurt since they are using nails to scratch instead of their paws. Not to mention the fact, they have a pain tolerance, so if it did, they would stop.
  7. Will it hurt my pets’ nose?
    • Nope, they do a little sniffing but not scratching with their nose.
  8. My dog destroys everything, how durable is SS?
    • SS is a single unit of rubber which helps with durability. They also don’t tend to chew on the sand paper. The radius of the height ensures the dog force from the back claw cannot be reached.
  9. Can I play tug with my dogs with SS?
    • Most definitely, SS elasticity ranges from 100 lbs – 500 lbs depending the size of the SS chosen.
  10. Why should I choose SS over taking my dog to the groomer or clipping the nails ourselves?
    • We highly advice against nail clipping because of the lengthiness of over clipping and the pain that can be associated. Clipping allows the nerve inside the nail to grow out which increases the frequency of the nail clipping. Allowing the pet to file their own nails is the safest way and can usually reduce and recede their quick (nerve inside the nail).
  11. Is SS safe around children?
    • Yes, but we always recommend proper supervision for both pet and child.


Scratch Square Feline questions and answers:

  1. How long will SS feline last?
    • 3-6 months based on your pets’ needs.
  2. How do we use SS feline?
    • Hang it, toss it or lay it.
  3. When do I replace the catnip?
    • When the cat becomes not interested (IE: smell not present)
  4. Does it come in different sizes?
    • One size however, people tend to buy small SS for their big kitties.
  5. Can you put food in SS feline?
    • Yes, you absolutely can. Just remember SS feline is not washable so chose wisely.

We hope these tips help you and your pet become the best both of you can be! Feel free to contact us with any other questions or concerns. HAPPY PLAYING!


 Written by: Jackie Goldoff 

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