Is your pup up for the challenge?

Today we are going to go over the different types of treats you can fit into Scratch Square.  First a little background…

Scratch Square serves as an emery board for pets, igniting their curiosity and activeness. It will file your pet’s nails and save you the stress of nail clipping – an activity stressful for you and your pet. Simply put a treat inside and let your pet scramble for it. The graded surface of the toy will gently and automatically file their nails without inflicting any pain on your pet.  We have classified the challenge levels into Easy, Challenging, and Impossible.

EASY -  De' Vora Hand Crafted Dog Treats

De’ Vora treats are made from real fruits, vegetables, and proteins. The robust flavors of peanut butter and pumpkin makes each treat irresistible while providing a balanced healthy snack.   De' Vora Hand crafted Dog treats are safe for all pet life stages.  Key Benefits include irresistible mix of natural, health promoting ingredients, high quality, vitamin rich, wholesome treat for pets of any age, and exclusively design for Scratch Square health and wellness toys. 

CHALLENGING - Sportmix® Wholesomes™ Puppy Golden Biscuit Treats

These treats come in a variety of sizes, causing a more challenging time getting them all out! In addition to the challenge, these treats help your puppy’s teeth remain clean and healthy.  When used daily, these biscuit treats can help effectively remove loose food particles and tartar supporting healthy gums. The treats are also naturally preserved and 100% guaranteed for taste and nutrition.

IMPOSSIBLE – Red Barn Beef Strap Chew Treats

We give these treats a rating of impossible because of their angles and size! Although the angles make it hard to get out of Scratch Square, they also serve a great purpose!  The natural angles and tough texture help to gently scrape plaque buildup from their teeth.  If your pup is up for the challenge, try the impossible level of Scratch Square with Red barn Beef Strap Chew Treats!  

Happy Scratching!

Written by: Anna Waters


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