Introducing our new product partners!

We LOVE supporting others.  At De’Vora, we know firsthand how much hard work it takes to invent, test, and design a product that is good enough for our pets!  Because of this, it’s only right to support and help others accomplish and crush their dreams!  We are so happy to share with you the great, new products on our site.     

Drum roll please!!!! Introducing… 

HappyBond Supplements by HappyStart – A daily serving of HappyBound Supplements builds healthy joints and bones, while supporting your dog’s healthy energy, digestion, skin, and coat.  The doses come conveniently in 80 scoops per package with suggested servings based off of your pup’s weight.  The best part is, the supplements are divided into 3 separate categories depending on your dog’s age, so they get the right amount in each stage of their lives.  

Good boys and girls deserve good treats.  HappyBond (HappyAgain) Chew Sticks provides your pooch with an all-natural treat packed with Collagen+.

AquaPaw - What if I told you bath time can be a win/win for both you and your pup?  We’d like to introduce the Slow Treater or what we like to call, pure happiness.  Your dog can enjoy his or her favorite treat while being scrubbed down by the Bathing Tool.    The Aquapaw Bathing Tool is the world’s first wearable combination sprayer-scrubber that can be turned on and off by simply making a fist.  How cool is that?!  Say goodbye to the days of spraying yourself in the face while trying to keep your wet pup contained in the tub!  


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