How’s your pets trimming going?

Get your Scratch Square hereaaaaaaaa! Get your Scratch Square hereaaaaaaaa! ::baseball vendor food/drink seller voice:: 


Calling all pet owners! Whether you have a dog or cat, we’ve got the nail filing solution for them. The waiting has come to an end to find the perfect tool and toy in one that files your pet’s claws while having fun. And don’t forget to enter the Scratch Square LOVE BUNDLE! 


Whether or not you have ordered this magnificent nail filer/tool/toy, it beats the grueling feelings of cutting your pets nails on your own- nail by nail. So, avoid the anxiety of the thought of having to need to do it on your own and order your Scratch Square today. You and your pet won’t be disappointed. Read about the who, what, where, when, why and how of THE Scratch Square. 


Who: dog, cats (Scratch Square Feline) or small animals

What: nail filer, chewer, bouncer, toggler and/or rattler 

Where: “grooming” in your own home

When: when your pet’s claws are too long or when your pet wants to play 

Why: trimming your pet’s nail one-by-one is challenging. This tool will stimulate your pet’s mind and senses. Lowers anxiety for you and your pet (I mean, right there is a perfect reason why Scratch Square has been such a great success)

How: place treat inside and give your pet the Scratch Square and watch the magic happen 


Do you have the main question we all have wondered as well as you, the clients-- What is the difference between clippers, grinders and scratch square? Scratch Square doesn’t hurt and is very comfortable. Not to mention, it has long term benefits by reducing the chances of DJD, arthritis and overgrowth of the quick! 




    • De' Vora announces their Before and After challenge for pets and their parents. We want to see who is using Scratch Square! Winners will receive $100 De’Vora gift cards and free replacement kicks for 2021. The grand winner will receive Scratch Square for life or a $1,000 De'Vora gift card!
    • There will be winners in each category. 
    • All you have to do is take pictures of your pet’s nails before and after using Scratch Square. 
    • Record your pet playing-- get extra points! 
    • Record and include a personal message from you (the pet parent) -- get extra, extra points!  
  • Year Round contest!

    Post on social media with the following tags #ScratchSqaureChallange #ScratchSquare #DeVora #DeVoraPet and Submit to


    Written by: Jackie Goldoff

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