Home Improvements for Pet Parents

Summer is a great time for home improvements. Consider your pets and include them during your outside housework. It’s a great time to bond and have them outside with you. A cool idea, if permitted, would be to install a doggy door with a fenceless fence or you could also consider putting together a playpen. They will be able to be safe and have their own space in the yard while you're working outside. 

When you have had  enough outside for the day you can come back. If you're still feeling handy a fun diy toy project is a great idea. Take an empty water bottle and put it inside an old sock. Tie the sock tight and boom you're done. Give it to your dog to play with. Another cool idea is to take old shirts, cut them into strips and braid them. Tie the ends tight and you have a rope toy for your pet. 

Have fun and get creative! It saves you money and puts old things in the house to use, which is always good for the environment. Too tired there’s always tomorrow!

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