Holiday Safety Tips


During this month we are all busy finding gifts for our loved ones while looking forward to the holidays. Our fur friends are included in this too! Which is why we must not forget safety. It is in our best interest to love in a safe way. Here are some tips to make the stress less and this time of year, fun!

Glass bulbs for cats or dogs

What is a holiday without festival lights? Big lights, thick lights, skinny lights, tiny lights, any type of lights, please be sure to make sure they are durable and pet friendly. Most lights are trending to become LED lights since they burn less electricity however, there are still the classic glass light bulbs. If you have to be “careful” around the lights you are putting up in your house, I suggest you rethink the type and amount of lights you display. 

Water in Christmas trees

The holiday isn’t complete without a Christmas tree. Some things to consider when buying your tree this season. There are two types of trees: premade or natural. Both have their pro’s and con’s, unfortunately. Aside from the obvious of your pet jumping on the tree, playing with the tree or eating the tree- avoid putting anything delicate on the tree. IE: ornaments. Anything that is added to have that snowy look is probably poisonous for your pet, I’d skip that look. When using a real tree, the water bowl is not the same type of water from tap. In fact, it can be deadly. Our advice, keep it simple and keep in mind every tiny item you add to your tree can potentially be harmful for your pet. 

Candle light safety

We love the extra light, the extra perfect touch when decorating our house for the holidays. Candles are very popular, especially during the night time. However, the more candles we use around the house, the more we need to be aware of the harm it can truly cause. First and foremost, we suggest using green-friendly candles, avoid candles with a lot of chemicals! Be sure to read the ingredients before purchasing the candle. When placing the candles on windows or tables, make sure they are not on or near anything flammable. You know your pet best! Will he try to get the candle on the highest shelf? If the highest shelf is it too close to the ceiling? (Take into account your safety, too!). When decorating keep in mind the location and what the candle is made of. Always blow out the candles before going to bed or leaving the house, preferably not around your pet!

Having company?

Here are some reminders for your guests: do not over crowd the dog, he will play with you when he is ready. Always leave the doors closed when you leave any room in the house, dogs can be sneaky. When you are eating, ask their parents before feeding them your food, they can be allergic to certain foods. AVOID having chocolate around. 

Children’s toys and weird obsessions

You probably already do but please keep tiny items, toys, attracting looking things away from your pets. Create a bin for all the items your dog would have a field day with if they got their paws on them! Same rule for children should apply with pets, if it fits in a toilet paper roll, it IS choke able. Also, keep in mind, tinsels are extremely hazardous to your pet. Enough said.    

The holidays always come so quick! However, it is easy to forget the obvious stuff. With these helpful tips to follow, we hope you and your families have a happy and safe holiday.

Written by: Jacqueline Goldoff

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