Here fishy fishy!

Co-Author: Nicole Lauren


Attention new fish parents ! Having trouble setting up your at home aquarium? Look no further! We have a great guide for you to follow!

You first want to decide which fish you want to take care of. Once you pick that you will be able to narrow down the rest. 

Next, pick the right size tank for your fish. There aren’t really any issues if you get a tank that’s too big. The bigger the tank the happier the fish actually!  Yet, if the tank is too small the fish actually can suffer and not live it’s best life. 

After you have the tank and fish picked out you want to determine if your fish needs fresh or salt water to thrive. Salt water tanks offer more colors and aesthetics than fresh water tanks. Although nicer looking then can be more costly vs freshwater aquariums. 

Choosing a heater also is determined by the fish. Tropical fish definitely need a heater to ensure the water doesn’t get too cool at night or even during the day. 

Now onto filters. Almost 99% of fish need a filter in their tank to survive. Bettas and Goldfish are species of fish that can live in a bowl over a filtered tank. 

When it comes to lighting for your aquarium, generally you can use incandescent , fluorescent or even LED. Always be cautious of the heat that incandescent lights can cause though. 

What about a water treatment ? It is highly recommended that purified mineral water be used instead of distilled. Although, tap water can be used, it must be treated to remove chemicals. Chemicals found in the water can harm the fishes gills and can be toxic!

Now that you have ironed out the details you can physically set up your tank! 

  1. Set up Aquarium and Stand. Make sure to put aquariums out of direct sunlight, if you are adding a filter allow at least 5 inch clearance for the filter.
  2. Step Two: Add Gravel and Water. 
  3. Step Three: Install Filter and Heater 
  4. Step Four:decorate. ...
  5. Step Five: add fish 
  6. Add a lot of love 💗 

Check out for your home aquarium! 


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